About Me

I created this page to get my mug off the home page. I'm a retired CPA living in San Antonio, TX with my wife of 41 years - a testimonial to that lady's long suffering more than my charm. We have one grown daughter. I have published my poetry in First Things, The Christendom Review and Dappled Things.

I am a Catholic, so my blog is Catholic too. If you don't like Catholics or Catholicism, you should probably go elsewhere. I won't argue with you or let you fill up my com box with screed. You don't have a right to say anything you want in my house and you won't have it here either. I will, however, pray for your conversion.

I am a poet and I will publish some of my poetry here although the best will go to the paying journals (see above). It is usually pretty slight but I think its workmanlike. I find my poetry divides people into two broad categories: academics and other elites who hate it, and general readers who find it a welcome relief from the impenetrable arcana that poses as poetry these days. There are a few crossovers in each category, of course, but that's a fair summary, I think.
 St. Bernardine of Siena, patron against lung diseases, pray for us.
Photo credit: http://saints.sqpn.com/?s=bernardine+siena

I have COPD, which lately has given me cause for considerable sober reflection on the relationship of God, especially the Third Person, the Holy Spirit, to my breathing and my life in general. I will post my thoughts, perhaps as blog entries, perhaps as a separate page, as soon as I can get them organized.