Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lift up the Hands that Hang Down

We all grow weary in prayer. I always feel like I'm pooping out before I get to the finish line. My mind wanders in spite of me. It seems such a waste of time. But occasionally, I will get a burst of new energy, my mind quits balking against me and clears. I can pray with intensity and focus. And I can keep quiet for a bit and let the Beloved do the talking, deep calling unto deep. It's then I know: someone has prayed for me.

It's truly humbling to know that. And it obliges me to comfort wherewith I have been comforted. So I turn to praying for others. If I don't know a specific need, I just pray in thanksgiving for their gifts and callings in the Body of Christ.

How about you? Is there someone on your mind and you don't know why? Take that person to your oratory. You might be God's instrument for his salvation that day.

Are you bugged by that priest who ad libs his way through Mass? Have you held up his hands in prayer? He may be bearing a cross you would not dream of asking for.

Prayer is the place we can fulfill our obligation to "Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord" - both at the same time. Thanks be to God for his manifold mercies! He actually makes it simple for us - even a bit easier when someone is holding up our hands.

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